67 Sueños | Staff
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Jacqueline "Jackie" Garcia-Martinez
Program Director
Jacqueline Garcia-Martinez is a warrior scholar and Xicana Xingona from Oakland “The town”. Her family is deeply rooted in Michoacán & Guadalajara. In 2010, after experiencing family separation by the unjust immigration system, she took action and cofounded 67 Sueños alongside her peers and mentor Pablo Paredes. In that same year she joined the Xicana Moratorium Coalition in Oakland and co-led citywide walkouts to fight and defeat the Oakland Gang Injunctions. Since then, Jackie has been organizing and mentoring over 50 youth to be civically and politically involved in their communities. In 2016, Jackie received her B.A. from San Francisco State University. Her experience at 67 Sueños gave her a wealth of knowledge and tools to continue working towards improving the social and political conditions in her community. On any given day you can find Jackie doing art with her precious daughter Quetzalli.
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Ericson "E" Amaya Bonilla
Lead Organizer
Ericson Amaya or better known as "E" is an Oakland native dedicated to serving migrant youth justice. E started off as a high school intern where he was able to build his political awareness, uncover his passion for art, and engage in community advocacy towards migrants and system impacted youth. Years later, E became a youth mentor which further allowed him to access his passion for teaching and spoken word. He took his skills and knowledge to other programs and schools across Oakland and neighboring cities, while handling his BA in Latino Studies at San Francisco State University. E has also served a term for the Oakland Youth Advisory Commission, a leadership training and civic engagement platform for youth focusing on education, employment, public safety, environment, and health for the city of Oakland. On any given day you can catch E with a big smile and repping his town roots "Deep East Oakland" with hella passion and hella love.
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Humberto "Beto" Ortiz-Silva
Program Coordinator
Humberto “Beto” Ortiz-Silva was born en La Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal; raised in Los Angeles, Califas as an undocumented youth; and flourished as an independent young man in the Bay Area. Ever since the pro-migrant Los Angeles Unified School District walkouts in 2006, Beto has been active in social justice work through various capacities. He has served as an educator across community-level platforms (such as Freedom Schools Los Angeles in 2010), institutional platforms (such as UC Berkeley in 2014), and non-profit platforms (such as Resources Community Development in 2015). Beto took a short break from the educational arena in order to expand his knowledge of immigration law. After working within the law sector as a paralegal, he decided to return home to his community-driven roots and work with 67 Sueños. With 67 Sueños he incorporates his background in education and immigration law, as well as blending his personal passion of the arts, and develops youth leadership curriculum that involves music production, poetry, creative writing, and self-expression.
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